My Permit was Denied

How to Appeal a Denied Application

If you are denied a nonresident concealed handgun permit and do not believe that you have a previous conviction or other disqualification that renders you ineligible, you may contact the Firearms Transaction Center to discuss the ineligible determination and/or to provide additional information deemed pertinent to the final determination of eligibility.

Any person denied a permit and not satisfied with the explanation provided by the Firearms Transaction Center may appeal such denial to the Superintendent of State Police provided that any such action is initiated within 30-days of the denial by the State Police. Such appeal must be in writing, setting forth any grounds, which the applicant wishes to be considered. The Superintendent of State Police shall consider each such appeal, and will notify the applicant in writing of his decision within five (5) business days after the day on which the appeal is received.
Superintendent’s Office
P.O. Box 27472
Richmond, VA 23261-7472
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